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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Brick's Review on " The Hair Monolgoues

So like I said before the Purchase Brick came to see THM and here is their review on it: the Review

Ms. Sky

Monday, May 3, 2010

Now its time to say goodbye.. well maybe

I don't know if I've mentioned this already but I'm soo happy that this project is over! but is not why I wanted to write this post. On April 22nd at 10pm or so after taking everything in, I realized how proud I was of myself for not taking the easy route of doing the promotions or whatever for another student's senior project. I gave myself a real challenge and ( well I think) I excelled. I love the idea of " The Hair Monologues" so much that I have decided that I would like to continue it after graduation. I don't know how yet, but somehow I'm going to do it..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The cast

So for your convenience I figured I should tell you who's who's in this whole thing .. So here are the lovely ladies in my cast ...

Laurie King-freshman
Alyssa Hallmark- junior
Woryeneh Benson- sophomore
Linda Mcgriff- Senior
Karla Mera-junior
Yasmin Martinez (although she didn't perform for the show bc she only showed up for one rehearsal) - sophomore
Jackie Blackwell- senior ( she's the greatest!)
Torian Yancey ( Yasmin's replacement)- senior

Although we had some issues, lateness, not showing up, acting "brand new" (discussed in past posts) but now that this is all over ( and I feel like I'm typing this bc it's all over) I would do it all over again and work with each of these ladies again....

For the actual footage besides for interviewing these ladies, I also interviewed my intern, Aruna Dismont ( who I couldn't do any of this w/o) friends and members of OAPIA ( I suggest you guys go for an OAPIA meeting.. Thursday nights :)

Now that is just stupid...

Now I am not against relaxers but I am not an advocate either. I guess it's because I don't think the way that others wear their hair is any of my business and plus I had relaxed hair up until 2 yrs ago, but this woman was just careless...

I have never heard of Shenque or whatever relaxer brand that was.. and it was two for $5! Anyone who cares about the heath of their hair and not just of its appearance would know not to use a brand that isn't known and is 2 for $5.... I know it's a recession unfortunately too many women just care too much about the appearance only but they must not realize that if they keep doing that then they won't have any hair left to care about..

My hair idols

So I know that I don't have hair that is identical to many of the women that I posted. But I think all of their hairs ( if that makes sense) are absolutely beautiful. But still be happy with your hair!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the performance pt dos

Sorry, I could have finished the story in the last post, but it was starting to remind me of writing a paragraph and then it wasn't fun anymore... So although we hadn't done a proper run through with the projector,everything was going well during the show until I pressed the wrong button after the second sketch.. when I was working on the project in final cut pro I inserted a slug.. ( for ppl who don't know fcp,it's just putting blank space in the video,to separate one scene to the other if need) so yes I did it on purpose. Well i forgot what I did and I decided that I was going to press the pause button so the gap from the live sketch to the next part of the footage would be so long. Well if you press the pause button once, it pauses but if you press it twice or maybe three times in my case.... well it doesn't exactly pause. I had pressed the button so many times it just kept going back to the set of footage from the beginning of the show. That awkward silence in the dark while you're trying to fix a problem ( w/o light) can be pretty embarrassing.. I would have turned on the light but I think that would have been worse, luckily Woryeneh ( a cast member) brought me some time by being her funny self. After that 30-40 seconds of stumbling to find the right spot in the footage, everything else ran smoothly. Everyone that came seemed to really enjoy the show, so that made me happy. After the show,my family and I brought out some BJ's food to feed everyone which made everyone else happy as well.


I know I haven't been the best mother to you Hair Tales blog and for this I am sorry...Maybe one day you will forgive me.. or not.. anyway I just finished watching a Queen concert. I love them! I was also thinking about what I should do with me hair because it's starting to bore me.... any suggestions?